A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

OpenArena is a Free Content project. Its goal is to create new, original media while providing a stand-alone multiplayer game in the process.
Both code and assets are available under GPL2.

The current supported gametypes are as follows:
- Free for All
- Team Deathmatch
- Tournament
- Capture the Flag
- One Flag Capture
- Overload
- Harvester
- Elimination
- CTF Elimination
- Last Man Standing
- Double Domination
- Domination

Instant Gib and All Rockets weapons modes are supported.

Simulated players, or "bots" are also available for your personal pulverizing pleasure.

The itch version includes The community map pack 1. Executables in this version may be updated to more recent version but should always be compatible. The itch version is primarily targeted the Itch App. If you want to download a package that you can distribute around at your next LAN party then you may be better of with the package from http://openarena.ws/download.php?list.61


openarena-linux-windows.zip 487 MB
Version 3 Jun 17, 2018
openarena-osx.zip 489 MB
Version 4 Jun 17, 2018


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I dunno i think is good game

(1 edit)

I've run into a really weird bug where the brightness will go down a few seconds after I open, if I change any graphics option it goes back to normal, but after a few seconds it goes dark again, any idea what's causing this/how to remedy this?

*edit: this does not affect gameplay