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Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks

puzzle/blockfall game inspired by Nintendo’s Tetris Attack (or “Panel de Pon”) for the Super Nintendo · By sago008


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Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks 2.5.0 released
Version 2.5.0 was released today. The changes are minor. The biggest think is that the game will now adapt to widescreen when running fullscreen. Another change...
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Version 2.4.0 released
This version adds several different starting speeds to "Endless". The Windows version now also has better scaling and works with Unicode paths. On my test machi...
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Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks 2.3.0 released
Version 2.3.0 of BlockAttack has been released. It does contain some improvements to players using controllers. More importantly for me: I took the opportunity...
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Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks 2.2.0 released
I finally released a new version. Is it exciting? Maybe. The only thing it contains is a new font system... so what? Well, the old font system had serious probl...
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Linux version now compiled on Ubuntu 12.04
I updated the Linux version once again. It is now compiled on an Ubuntu 12.04 version. Apparently Ubuntu 14.04 which is the oldest supported version of Ubuntu h...
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Updated the Linux version with SDL 2.0.6
Ok, so I discovered that Ubuntu had a problem with the SDL 2.0.5 version included whit the release. For some reason the repeat functionality in SDL2 that BlockA...
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