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Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks

puzzle/blockfall game inspired by Nintendo’s Tetris Attack (or “Panel de Pon”) for the Super Nintendo · By sago008


Recent updates

Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks 2.3.0 released
Version 2.3.0 of BlockAttack has been released. It does contain some improvements to players using controllers. More importantly for me: I took the opportunity...
4 files
Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks 2.2.0 released
I finally released a new version. Is it exciting? Maybe. The only thing it contains is a new font system... so what? Well, the old font system had serious probl...
4 files
Linux version now compiled on Ubuntu 12.04
I updated the Linux version once again. It is now compiled on an Ubuntu 12.04 version. Apparently Ubuntu 14.04 which is the oldest supported version of Ubuntu h...
1 file
Updated the Linux version with SDL 2.0.6
Ok, so I discovered that Ubuntu had a problem with the SDL 2.0.5 version included whit the release. For some reason the repeat functionality in SDL2 that BlockA...
1 file

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